AAPI Board of Trustees – Medical Project Grant For Donors

AAPI Board of Trustees – Medical Project Grant For Donors

Dear AAPI Leader,

Happy New Year! I hope this year brings you great happiness, health and success!

This year the AAPI Board of Trustees (BOT) is launching the AAPI BOT Medical Project Grant (MPG). The purpose of this grant is to offer scholarships/financial support to pre-med students, medical students, residents and fellows of Indian origin for various initiatives. These initiatives/projects may include funding for observerships, board prep courses, board fees, grants for laptops and educational supplies, etc. The awards will be advertised on the AAPI website where individuals can apply for them, and the awards will be given at the BOT luncheon at the annual AAPI convention. The grant donors will be recognized both on the AAPI website and at the luncheon.

The MPG is a great opportunity for you to support the future generations who are in financial need and for us as a community to leave a meaningful legacy. We are looking for generous donations towards this grant with a goal to raise over $100K this year.

Please feel free to contact any BOT officer at your earliest convenience to find out more details about this initiative. We all were given great opportunities while we were struggling in order to help us become successful physicians today. Let us pay it forward and support the next generation of future AAPI leaders.

Your sincerely,
The AAPI Board of Trustees

Dr. V. Ranga, Chair
Dr. Raghu Lolabhattu
Dr. Jagdish Gupta
Dr. Sapna Aggarwal
Dr. Lokesh Edara
Dr. Srinagesh Paluvoi
Dr. Kavita Gupta
Dr. Sunil Kaza
Dr. Malti Mehta
Dr. Kusum Punjabi
Dr. Soumya Neravetla
Dr. Ayesha Singh


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