Assistant Physician Initiative - Endorsed Letter to Illinois Governor Pritzker

Mandatory Emergency Medicine Department in All Medical Colleges by 2022

AAPI requested Union Health Minister Shri Jagat Prakesh Nadda ji on September, 18 2018 in New York and requested MCI leadership to implement EMERGENCY MEDICINE as general department and enforce strictly in all medical colleges with immediate effect. License of the Medical Colleges with Emergency departments only to be renewed.


MCI on meeting held on September 10, 2019 made mandatory Emergency Department in all Medical Colleges by 2022.

AAPI plan to work with EMERGENCY MEDICINE departments, faculty and ambulance and paramedics across India to foster comprehensive emergency healthcare.

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White Coat Ceremony in India

First time Foundation
Course implemented across India. It has white coat ceremony as AAPI requested.
4B. Professionalism and Ethics Module: White coat ceremony
Demonstrate understanding that compassion, altruism, integrity, duty, responsibility and trust are the core values that defines the nature of the physician’s work

At the end of the session, the student is able to:
1. Appreciate the significance of White Coat Ceremony
The white coat reminds physicians of their professional duties, as prescribed by Hippocrates, to lead their lives and practice their art in uprightness and honour. The white coat is a symbol of our profession. 
The White Coat Ceremony is a rite of passage, welcoming the new medical students into the medical profession. As medical students, they are bound by the same professional commitments that bind all physicians. This ceremony will join the symbol of the white coat with the virtues of altruism, responsibility, duty, honour, respect, and compassion.
Assessment: Reflections