Global INK-Indian Network of Knowledge

Global-INK’s mission is to create a knowledge network by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of Global Indians, and of people with an affinity for India, who are outstanding in areas of Environment, Healthcare, Innovation and Science & Technology, without relocating them. Being a member of the network provides you and your organization an opportunity:
To provide or seek for advice, contacts, assistance and support in areas of Environment, Healthcare, Innovation and Science & Technology

To convert your ideas, research outputs into actions;
To find research collaborators; and,
To shape the future of India’s knowledge economy.

Membership of Global-INK is by invitation only and it is free to join the network. You may also like to suggest names of Indian origin academicians, doctors, scholars, scientists and technologists in areas of Environment, Healthcare, Innovation and Science & Technology, to whom an invitation could be sent to join the network.

About Global-INK
As part of Government of India’s (GoI’s) strategic focus on the Indian Diaspora, the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) through Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre, OIFC, has launched Global Indian Network of Knowledge: Global INK – a dynamic and secure portal for knowledge management and collaboration. MOIA and OIFC envisions to engaging the institutions and individual experts in India and outside, to come on board and share knowledge among themselves.

The key objective of this initiative is to draw upon the eclectic knowledge base of the Indian Diaspora and unleash knowledge sharing in the key focus areas where Indian Diaspora has made significant strides.

Towards this end, Global Indian Network of Knowledge: Global INK is a dynamic and secure portal for knowledge management and collaboration is being launched. The portal provides a framework of moderated online forums and features to harness knowledge, catering to different focus areas. Collaboration tools such as social networking, forums, and document management and sharing will enable the diverse stakeholders to connect and share knowledge and access knowledge solutions across the globe. It will also be an ideating platform incubating valuable storehouse of knowledge.

The development of Global INK has been facilitated by the MOIA in partnership with Confederation of Indian Industry in a public-private partnership. Global INK remains at length from the Government and is managed by a professional team under the leadership of an independent moderator. It has the autonomy to catalyze knowledge exchange and to develop a wide network of overseas Indian, physicist, scientist, technologists and achievers from across the world.

The Global INK Framework
Global INK is an ICT (Information and Communication Technology) enabled platform, powered by Global INK, a next generation knowledge management, collaboration and business solution platform. The portal as it evolves will be a framework of user groups and many online features to connect knowledge providers with knowledge seekers. The platform will also provide an array of collaboration tools:

• Discussion Forums
• Ask an Expert
• User Directory
• Knowledge Bank
• Events
• Projects

The Global INK will also come equipped with an advanced professional networking feature – connect, designed in the similar lines of highly successful social networking phenomenon.
The registration on the portal is by invitation only. In case you want to be invited, please fill up the registration form available on the home page.