AAPI/American Heart Association Liaison Committee

Chair: Vemuri S.Murthy, MD

Vice Chair: Ranga Reddy, MD

AAPI President, Jayesh Shah, MD has appointed the AAPI/AHA Liaison Committee, Chaired by Vemuri S. Murthy, MD, a veteran AHA International Volunteer and National Faculty.

The committee will function closely with AHA in India and USA.
The details of the committee are briefly summarized.

To work closely with the American Heart Association for contributing to programs in India and USA to reduce morbidity and mortality due to heart attacks and strokes


To introduce the curriculum of Resuscitation Science(Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support) in all Indian Medical Colleges using AHA teaching materials.
To work with AHA in helping community programs in India and USA to enhance the awareness of heart attacks and strokes.
To develop AAPI/AHA faculty exchange programs between India and USA.


Heart Attacks with 1.2 billion population, India will account soon for 60% of heart disease patients worldwide.
50% Heart attacks in Indian men occur under 50 years of age and 25% under the age of 40.(Tobacco use, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, stress and genetic factors)

Prediction: 1.6 million cases per year by 2015; one third will be disabled.
Medical Colleges: 345+
Medical Students: 41,000+
Lack of Adequate Emergency Room Physicians
Lack of a uniform format for Emergency Medical Care Education in Medical Colleges
Initiate a National Project
Improve & enhance the outcome in heart attacks & strokes
Provide education & training in all medical colleges & hospitals