Kakani Foundation Community Service Award

Kakani Foundation Community Service Award

The Kakani Foundation Community Service Award was created to recognize an individual’s achievement in a charitable activity/service through their time, action, and dedication, and the impactful contribution they have made to their community. The recipient should have a passion for helping others, striving to make their community and the world a better place, and serving as a role model and inspiration for others to get involved in community service.

The Kakani Foundation Community Service Award is awarded annually at the AAPI Annual Convention.
The Kakani Foundation Community Service Award is awarded for a charitable activity/service completed over.
The nomination window opens 3 months prior to Annual Convention and remains open until 1 month prior to Annual Convention
The (Committee) will review the nominations and award a winner based on eligibility and award criteria. The award recipient will be notified by the AAPI YPS Board prior to the meeting.

AAPI member currently in medical school, residency, or fellowship.
Submission of personal statement regarding charitable activity/service and impact on the community. Statement should include how their project can be expanded to be incorporated into different local AAPI chapters around the US.
Submission of letter of support for the nominee from an AAPI member physician in the community regarding the nominee, the charitable activity/service, and the impact on the community. (Consider requiring 2 letters, but 1 must be from AAPI member)
Length of service: Minimum 1 month
Charitable activity/service has not been part of the nominee’s job description and the nominee has not received monetary or personal benefit from their involvement.

Award Criteria

  • Nominee has demonstrated compassion, dedication, and service to their community through a charitable activity that has improved the lives of others.
  • Charitable activity/service has had a lasting and meaningful contribution/impact on the community.
  • Nominee has brought unity and purpose to the community through their charitable activity/service.
  • Length and degree of nominee’s involvement in the charitable activity/service.
  • Measurable results of how the charitable activity/service has impacted the community members.
  • Nominee has served as a role model to others and inspired/mentored other members of the community.
  • Extent to which the nominee has been a leader and their involvement in the charitable activity/service is valued by their peers and community leaders.
  • How charitable activity/service can be expanded to be incorporated into other communities through other local AAPI chapters in the US.


  • The Kakani Foundation Community Service Award recipient will receive $5000.
  • The Kakani Foundation Community Service Award recipient will become the next AAPI MSRF Community Service Chair.
  • As part of their role as Community Service Chair, the award recipient will work directly with local AAPI chapters to implement their project in different communities around the US.

Please email all the application to info@aapiusa.org


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