AAPI Fall Governing Body & Fundraising Gala - November 20, 2021

Free for Life International is a nonprofit organization located in Nashville, Tennessee — its mission is the identification, assistance and restoration of individuals affected by human trafficking and exploitation. FFLI is driven by the vision and belief that freedom is for all. FFLI’s cornerstone program is Border and Transit Monitoring in India. Through this highly ethical form of interception and rescue, transit monitor teams identify red flags of human trafficking and intervene for those who are most at-risk.

To date, nearly 2,000 women, girls and boys have been rescued in this way! Currently, the program is supported in two locations, but increased funding would protect many more throughout India’s most heavily traveled regions! If FFLI can expand to additional locations, the amount of rescues each year could be doubled! COVID-19 is leaving many throughout India at greater risk for exploitation and abuse – will you join Free for Life and transform the reality of human trafficking in these communities?