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AAPI Responds to Glenn Beck’s Comments

Dec 17, 2009

Contact: Dino Teppara, Esq.
AAPI Director of Legislative Affairs

AAPI Responds to Glenn Beck’s Comments

Washington, D.C. – Today, AAPI released the following statement in response to comments made on the air by TV personality Glenn Beck during one of his recent shows where he seemingly maligned the quality of medical schools in India.

“Having carefully read the transcript of Mr. Beck’s comments, we are disappointed by his careless reference to the quality of medical schools in India,” said AAPI President Dr. Vinod K. Shah. “Many Indian American physicians received their medical education in India, and combined with top medical training in the United States, they have contributed enormously to their local communities. Additionally, physicians of Indian origin around the world from Canada, the UK, and other nations who received their medical education in India, have made great strides in delivering quality health care to millions of patients on a global scale.

“We understand that Mr. Beck’s comments were directed toward the Department of Labor and labor unions, and his statement about medical schools in India was in response to an American woman who received a hip replacement in India, a surgery that costs much more here in the United States. Mr. Beck erroneously claimed that the higher costs were attributable to the quality of the medical school a physician attends, comparing Harvard to schools in India.

“However, the higher medical costs in the United States have nothing to do with where a doctor went to medical school. They have to do with much higher labor, overhead and infrastructure costs, and a constant threat of liability and litigation, resulting in needless lawsuits, defensive medicine, and higher medical malpractice insurance rates.

“We are disappointed by Mr. Beck’s comments and offended by his stereotypical references to India, disease, and the Ganges River. We do hope he will make efforts in the future to engage in discussions that are not only accurate but civil as well.”

Transcript here.

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